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LJ Survivor

Outwit, Outlast, Outpost

8/24/04-8/26/04 has immunity.

LJ Survivor Rules:

1. 2 tribes will compete for immunity.

2. Every 3 days one tribe will go to tribal council and one member of the tribe will be voted off.

3. The 2 tribes will merge at some point in the game.

4. There may be "twists" in the game.

5. Challenges may include knowing quotes from the other Survivor's journals so you must "friend" everyone playing the game. They
also will require teamwork when it is tribe vs. tribe. Get to know your tribemates.

The postaposta Tribe:
now_showing LEFT GAME
littletizzle VOTED OUT
big_teddybear VOTED OUT
sympetrum VOTED OUT

The commentus Tribe
darkstar420247VOTED OUT
chrishaasVOTED OUT
estrangeVOTED OUT
ifferjenn VOTED OUT
jasonchasVOTED OUT
everybabyweepsVOTED OUT

6. All the survivors who do not have immunity MUST attend tribal council. If an overwheming majority(75%) of players can not make the set time I will just
make a poll( but thats no fun). I will post a poll to see when the best time is for everyone after the challenge.

7. I reserve the right to amend these rules because some times I am a bone head and forget stuff...

8. There will be one more questionnaire(20 questions) to fill out. I need this for a challenge I have planned(hint hint)

9. Here is the Official LJ Survivor Calendar

10. Have fun.
11. Every LJ Survivor Player will be on the jury.

12. I can't make computer errors not happen. If you have any question as to whether something "worked" or not IM or email me.